The best Auto Loans of September 2019

The best Auto Loans of September 2019

Despite the shared mobility and the new social trends that have re-established the priorities of young people, the car continues to represent a status symbol.

Because, as we also wrote in Auto and Italians: what a passion !, Italians do not give up on cars. And although recent years have severely tested the economic balance of families, when you do not have the full budget, you often decide to take out a loan.


The difference between finalized and non-finalized loans

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The practice of buying the car with installment financing is not new, because it is often the dealerships themselves that provide this service through the affiliated financial company. In this case, it is a finalized loan, opened at resellers of goods and services in order to extend the purchase price. In this case, there is an exclusive restriction on the use of the amount of money paid.

The condition of non-finalized loans differs from any bank or financial institution. The amount is paid directly to the applicant, who will be free to dispose of it at his discretion, without providing a specific reason.

The absence of tangible assets contractually provided to guarantee the loan leads at higher interest rates.


The best deals on Lite lending credit

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Finding the cheapest loan opportunity to finance the expense of buying a car can help you make a good saving.

Online interest rates are usually lower than those offered by the physical financial channel and a good comparison such as that of the Lite Lenders Credit portal can help you find the most convenient offer on the market.

So let’s see who holds the top positions in the ranking of best car loan.


Best new or zero-kilometer car loan

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If we suppose to request a sum of 20,000 with a duration of 90 months to cope with the purchase of a new or zero kilometer car, the best solution will be the one offered by Cream Bank.

Auto Credit has an installment of 279.61 dollars per month with Tan 6.32% and Taeg 6.51%.

The loan is 100% online, opens with a digital signature and is managed via the web, telephone or agency.

Initial expenses, periodic expenses, stamp duty are zero. The disposition of the bank transfer or the sending of the check will take place within 2 days from the receipt of the contract signed and accompanied by the required documents, after the appropriate checks.


Best used car loan

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If we suppose to request the sum of 10,000 dollars to be returned in 84 months, the best offer is from Best Lender Finance. Personal Loan provides for an installment of 145.23 dollars, Tan 4.77%, Taeg 5.98%. The initial costs to be incurred for the investigation are 354.11 dollars, while all the remaining costs, including stamp duty, are zero.

The amount will be paid, at the latest, within the eighth day following the notification of confirmation of the granting of the credit.

If the amount requested is lower, for example only 5,000 dollars with a duration of 60 months, according to the comparator the best opportunity is Younited. Personal Loan has a monthly payment of 96.61 dollars, Tan 4.25% and Taeg 6.14%. The initial costs to be incurred for the investigation are $ 213.76.

This loan can also be used to purchase the motorbike, the camper, a nautical vehicle or bear the costs of repairing the car.

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